HK$100million subsidy for your estate

Hurry…. before the funding is used-up

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Hong Kong Government is subsidising HK$100 million

to support Residential Buildings in Adopting Smart Bins Technology for Food Waste.

The application process is on a first-come-first-served basis until the funding is used up. All expenses to run this program is fully funded through the recycling fund by the government.

If you are Incorporated Owners (IO), Owners’ Corporation/Committee (OC), Owners’ Organizations (OO), Residents’ Organisations (RO) of residential buildings or Property Management Company (PMC) acting on behalf of the residents, you are eligible to apply and

be subsidized up to HK$2.5 million.

HURRY….. the deadline for the 4th phase is: end of November 2021

Bring this to your management’s attention, get the opportunity to increase your company’s ESG rating.

Our team are ready to help you with the application process, not only that, we have also produced smart bins that meet all the government’s requirements.
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Each recycler has the opportunity to earn points and be rewarded

SmartClassify-food waste collection bin has all the features required:

  • Water proof unit, suitable for outdoors
  • Capacity: up to 60kg
  • Ergonomic shelf to place carrier
  • LED light for dark environments
  • Computer software and computer-controlled hardware for user identification
  • A sensor to detect when the lid is not closed properly
  • Smart sensors to measure weight and levels for alert signal, etc
  • Disinfection device/odour abatement system
  • Data storage to record the collected amount from individual users
  • Real-time communication to transmit quantity information, control information
  • Alert signals to users or the management office

Simply fill in the following form, our team member will be in touch with you to help you from the application process all the way to the deployment of the food waste collection bin at your estates.

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